Here i made a banana and white chocolate mouse with candied bananas. 

The candied banana i had never done before i just felt like being a bite adventurous. I dried out some banana slices and dipped them in caramelized sugar. It works so well with the light mouse. The crunch from the candied banana is like pop rock candy but just amplify the sound times 10. I love it. If you would like the recipe or have any questions just visit my blog.


3 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Toasted Marshmallow Day | Paper N Stitch

OMG I have to do this… who ever came up with this is a genius.. you have just changed my life…. 

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Fire in the Sky" by Michael David Adams

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The Smith, Prahran | Taken by Eve Wilson | via thedesignfiles

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Nirav Patel

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Cold Brew Coffee Float | On a Sweet Sugar Rush

I could use one of those right know 

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foot print 

 black floor 

By:john bond 

suite 101

my handbag made it to the shoot… yaaa!!!